NYADERM - Basic Treatment

Length: 4 weeks

Basic care intended for everyone who does not suffer from significant signs of skin aging. 

During the first month of use, it has a beneficial effect mainly on fine wrinkles, fine lines and the condition of the nails.

NYADERM® Anti-aging Drink

In the development of NYADERM® Anti-aging Drink, emphasis was placed not only on its high efficacy, but also on the broad-spectrum action of its substances on the skin and at the same time on the hair and nails. NYADERM contains high quality collagen, but thanks to the thoughtful inclusion of 11 other active ingredients, it works more effectively than conventional collagen products. For example, thanks to the patented DERMAVAL™ ingredient, NYADERM® can protect the elastin protein. This provides elasticity to the skin, but unlike collagen, it is not naturally renewed in the body.

NYADERM® supplies the skin with beneficial phytonutrients, providing protection against free radicals, and the alkaline-forming HCO3-MAX®, which effectively rid the body of acidity – one of the main causes of cellulite. Clinical studies of the patented ingredients in NYADERMTM (specifically DERMAVAL™, VERISOL® and OptiMSM®) have confirmed significant improvements in skin elasticity, firmness and surface texture as well as a significant reduction in wrinkles and the visibility of cellulite.

After just one month of taking the dietary supplement, you will notice increased production of the body’s own collagen, improved elasticity and skin surface texture. You will also notice a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, a reduction in the visibility of cellulite, as well as an improvement in nail quality and hair volume. NYADERM® specifically and systematically nourishes the skin, hair and nails from within the body.

Better nails
Less wrinkles
More hair
Cellulite reduction

Patented ingredients


Active ingredients contained in one serving (sachet) – 8 g**



The dietary supplement contains a combination of natural substances for optimal internal nutrition of the skin, normal production of the body’s own collagen, normal skin function, maintenance of normal hair, nails and skin condition.

Coconut water

Zinc bisglycinate

Horsetail Roller

Biotin (vitamin H)

Hyaluronic Acid

Wild Rose


NYADERM® Anti-aging Drink takes a moment to prepare. Simply mix the contents of the bag in water and you’re ready to go.
For best results, use daily and regularly. The ideal period is 6 months.

WHY choose an intensive treatment?

If you want to keep your skin, hair and nails in optimum condition throughout the year and for as long as possible, it is essential to use the NYADERM® Anti-aging Drink regularly and for a long time.

Keeping your skin firm and supple, preventing new wrinkles, reducing existing wrinkles and at the same time ensuring renewed growth and healthy-looking hair requires patience and time. What has been damaged over many years by internal and external influences cannot be repaired in a few weeks.

To achieve youthful looking skin, continuous consumption of NYADERM® Anti-aging Drink for a minimum of 8 weeks is essential. This period of time corresponds to the NYADERM® Caring Treatment, which aims to improve the elasticity, firmness and texture of the skin surface as well as significantly reduce wrinkles.

In the case of severely damaged hair and significant signs of skin ageing, it is advisable to use NYADERM continuously for 12 weeks. This period of time corresponds to the NYADERM® Intensive Treatment, which aims to correct problematic skin conditions and severely damaged hair loss.

The above claims and recommendations for use of the product correspond to the findings of clinical studies of the active ingredients contained in NYADERM® Anti-aging Drink. In clinical trials, some women showed improvement in the monitored parameters after 3-4 weeks, others after 8-24 weeks of regular use, depending on their age, health status and degree of signs of aging.

Možnosti doručení


89 Kč


135 Kč

3. Uvedená denní sazba je platná v případě zvýhodněného členství v rámci NYADERM BEAUTY CLUB, zvolené varianty časově neomezeného předplatného a odběru minimálně 4 ks NYADERM® Anti-aging Drink během kalendářního roku. Ceny jsou uvedeny včetně DPH (15%) a příslušných poplatků. Neobsahují ale poplatky za doručení (není-li uvedeno jinak).

1. V závislosti na výsledcích klinických studií patentovaných složek obsažených v přípravku NYADERM® Anti-aging Drink v množství odpovídajícím provedeným klinickým studiím.